What is Freeside? We are a hacker space collective in Atlanta, Georgia.

           Hack A Day:

           "Freeside Hackerspace is a 5,500 square foot facility that feels like it just goes on and on...If you have a project in mind, they’ve got the space and tools to make it happen."


"’s a place where people passionate about science, technology, and digital projects can meet, collaborate and hang out. It can be an open community lab, a machine shop, a work shop, a studio or a combination of these where people can share resources and knowledge to build neat stuff."

           Creative Loafing:

"'You don't just have to hack computers,'" says interim President James Sheheane. "'You can hack metal, you can hack wood.'"                
"'That speaks to what we're all about,' Storey says. 'Making cool stuff out of nothing.'"

(Still want to know more about what a "hacker space" is ? Look here, here, and here.)

Upcoming Meetup Events

Who we are
  • We have approximately 35 members.
  • We are coders, makers, and information security researchers.
  • We are a Georgia nonprofit corporation, organized for public benefit.
Our Mission
Freeside Technology Spaces, Inc.,
a non-profit organization,
strives to provide a space that inspires
collaboration, creativity, teaching, and open projects
for the Atlanta community

The space
Get in contact How to join
  • We give our members 24/7 access and lots of privileges, so we're a bit picky.
  • ... but we're friendly and open to having new people join. Read about the joining process.
How we're funded 
  • Basic expenses are covered by member dues.
  • 10% of our membership is reserved for "starving hackers": full time students or recently laid off people.
  • We seek grants, teach seminars, and hold fund-raisers to offset monthly costs and equipment purchases.
  • We also accept donations!