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Liability Waiver

Freeside Technology Spaces, Inc. will hereafter be referred to as "The Corporation".

All property leased by The Corporation will hereafter be referred to as "The Space". 

The undersigned agrees to the following:
  1. Acknowledges and agrees that he or she will, immediately upon entering The Space, continuously inspect the environment, and promises that if anything seems to be unsafe, will immediately notify a corporate officer and if necessary will leave and refuse to participate further in the unsafe conditions.
  2. Agrees to hold harmless The Corporation from any loss, liability, damage, or cost incurred.
  3. Assumes all liability for injury.
  4. Acknowledges that activities may be dangerous, and involve the risk of serious injury, death, or property damage.
  5. Agrees that this waiver of liability extends to all acts of negligence.

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