"Be excellent to each other!"

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is detailed in the corporate bylaws. It is reproduced here for convenience.

  1. We do not engage in illegal activity.
  2. We require honesty and integrity.
  3. We respect each individual's perspectives and property.
  4. We responsibly conserve the group's resources.

Space Rules

  1. No living in the space. Sleeping overnight is permitted but you must maintain a separate residence.
  2. No illegal activity of any kind in the space or during Freeside events.
  3. Guests are allowed, but they must be supervised by a member at all times.
  4. Guests may not store tools or equipment in the space.
  5. Do not use equipment that you are unfamiliar with. Be cautious, and ask for help.
  6. Always use appropriate personal safety equipment when appropriate.

All members must sign a statement of acknowledgment regarding the above.  In addition, a signed liability waiver is required.