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Electronics 101

Bi-Weekly Tuesdays at 5:30 pm.
Point of Contact:
  Scott McGraw
Acutal Teacher:
    Chas Becht
    E-Mail the list
Introductory course to the basics of electronic circuit design and prototyping. Topics will cover the basics of electronic circuit design, such as: basic electronic theory, reading wiring diagrams, troubleshooting, breadboarding, etc. Coursework is primarily hands on, involving the construction of practical circuits, and explaination of both the theory of how these circuits work, and how to modify them for use in real projects.
Cost: Recommended Dontion of ~$5-10. $20-25 if you want to take home a kit.
Required Materials:
    Lab specific components i.e. Resistors, ICs, will be provided.
    Starter kits will be available to borrow/buy. Note the starter kit is lame in that it's currently a breadboard, power supply, multimeter, and miscelaneous fiddly bits.
Reccommended Materials:
    Paper and Pencil. Preferably in notebook or binder form.
    More stuff TBD.