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Physical Security

Our building security system has a few basic requirements:
  • reliable
  • cheap
  • flexible
Front Door
    Commercial RFID System with magnetic lock and battery backup installed
  •         Clean up door so nobody cuts themselves on random bits of metal
  •         Add motion detector so door opens automatically when someone wants to leave

Garage Doors

       The condition of the door motor is currently unknown, but is probably best described as "needs work". We should consider punting anything beyond basic physical security down the road until we have some time to assess the best option (replace the motor mechanism, etc.)
  • The cost for material is around $325. Labor however is a bit more expensive and drives it up to $900. Walt has to make a living somehow :).  (Duckie)
  • We have members that weld (or say they can). I have some other sources as well I can check with.  (Duckie)
  • At present, keep door shut and locked as much as possible
Internal Accountability

A simple video surveillance system with basic low definition short-term recording with an archive option (burn to DVD?) would be a good start. And playing Big Brother is fun! Enabling real-time video monitoring over the net would be useful. Some type of higher definition still imagery could be useful at the main access points to get a better idea of who's coming and going. If anyone has any hookups or knowledge of this stuff, please add your $0.02

At a later stage, a location-based RFID tracking system would be pretty slick. Superimposing real-time locations on a space map could be a useful eye-candy project. Automatic correlation between location history and archived video playback would be kick ass! (but at a much later stage). Are there any existing software projects that do this or something similar?

Internal Access Controls

Being able to restrict access to certain rooms and/or equipment could have some value in terms of liability for insurance, and for the equipment. RFID access limiting access to approved members on the recording room, server room, etc is a logical start. Having the power or controls to certain dangerous tools (saws, drills, welders, etc) or equipment that is costly to run (prototypers, welders, etc) would also be nice. Simple smart outlets might do the trick, and its also a logical small project that could help save tons on the power bill. Starting reference:

A breathalyser might be a fun additional access control, especially if it is integrated with Twitter and tells on the offender if they try to gain access while over the limit :) Also a great way for maintaining a high fingers:members ratio.