Build Out

Next Build Out Scheduled for: March 3, 2012

Build out progress (11 Jul 2009)

Please list wants, needs, donations or suggestions.
  • Entry Notification System.
    • Plays audio on entry.
    • LED Notification? Investigate systems for triggering events based on entry/exit
    • Extend the system to the warehouse
    • Need a Doorbell/Buzzer so people without cards can get in.
  • Video Surveillance
    • ZoneMinder?
    • Aimetis? Longwatch?

  • Server Room
    • Needs unused servers, redundant systems removed
  • Classroom
    • Armageddon?
  • Front Bathroom
    • Washer - Plumbing
    • Dryer - Electrical
    • Bathroom Drywall and paint
    • Fix Bathroom Door
    • Lighting in washroom
  • Lounge Space
    • Lighting
    • Partition Outlet
  • Kitchen

  • Entry Area
    • Motion sensor for interior light
  • Hallway/Tables
    • Finish painting walls
    • Drywall
    • Activate or remove non functional outlets
  • Main Warehouse
    • Fire Extinguishers/Safety lights
    • Work sink?
  • Tool Room
  • Loft
    • Patch drywal
    • Full Length Table
  • Sewing Room
    • Add outlets
    • Install shelving?
  • Fire Extinguishers (mount? we have some)
  • First Aid Kit (LARGE for "real" emergencies; plus additional band-aids/what-not)
  • Sound system
Furniture (keep your eyes peeled on Craigslist, friends, office dumpster, yard sales, free stuff, etc. If it looks like crap it can be made to look good.)
Pegboard for hanging tools

Decorating Ideas
Sputnik Disco Ball
Video Wall with random crap on it / TV in main space. Projector style!
Constructivist art, like this and this!