Brainerd Free School of Ministry and Mission

Here is a tuition free program to provide 

students with ministry training.  Since the

USA has become 'post-Christian' this 

course teaches missionary concepts.

Actual college credits may be attainable 

from 2 different Christian colleges (this is 

known  as an "articulation agreement").  


Brainerd (Tuition Free)
School of Mission

School News for July and August, 2012

Missional and Ministry School While Studying at Cal U or Etc or Working

Hopefully you can pass this information on to others who feel called to ministry whether as a career or within their careers.  Though we intend to be selective (we want God to send us the right people) people need to hear about it to apply :

The first class has the following sessions, all Saturdays:  
   1.  July 28, 2012 11AM to 3PM @ Mahaffey Alliance 
        Church, Mahaffey, PA; (a make up date for this TBA)
   2.  August 11, 2012 8AM to 1PM @ our new building:
        423 Washington Ave, Charleroi, PA 15022; 
   3.  September 8, 2012 2PM to 10PM at
         Blainesburg Bible Church, 
         104 Fourth Boulevard, 
         West Brownsville, PA 15417.  
This last one is the 'lab' and involves the students helping  people who have volunteered to cook our support raising banquet meal which will be at 6PM with clean up to follow.  The student's job is to host a table and invite people who would be supportive of their training for ministry.  

That outlines the 3 sessions of the first class which is being designed to be transferable through 'articulation' as a one credit course.  There are 13 courses in all covering the standard basic Christian ministry training classes including things like New Testament Survey, Evangelism, Ministry Leadership and etc.  But the exciting thing to me is that each class is planned with a 'missional' component.  'Missional' is a word that was coined to address the development of missionary thinking and practice in the USA as distinct from and honoring those who do missions overseas.  It is an exciting opportunity for our students to be part of a team of their peers studying for ministry and 'doing missions' locally.  God has really been blessing!

We even have a building we just purchased to be a Christian Life dormitory for our ministry students.  There will be a rental fee but it is far lower than on-campus rent at the local secular college and of course our tuition is free.  Things are being designed to facilitate transfer of credits by articulation to a fully accreditted Christian college and then may be transferable back to a secular college as general education or elective courses; so this may save the aspiring bi-vocational ministry student tuition there too.
Printable materials can be linked above and include the front and back of the brochure and then a class list with some of the required texts - it is best to buy early to avoid increasing prices if you want to buy used at
God bless!


1st Class:  Ministry Leadership and Support Raising

Session 1:  July 28, 2012
11AM to 3PM
Mahaffey Alliance Church

Session 2:  August 8, 2012
8AM to 1PM
Brainerd School
423 Washington Ave, Charleroi, PA 15022

Session 3 (LAB):
September 8, 2012
2PM to 10PM

Blainesburg Bible Church
104 Fourth Boulevard

West Brownsville, PA 15417


Please call, email or write as follows:
(Rev Bryan Downs, Director 724-797-4522)

Compose a 1/2 to 1 page typed Word document telling: 

1.  the story of how you came to know Jesus as your Savior.
2.  the story of how you came to believe God may be calling you to some kind of ministry.

Also include your contact information (Name, phone, cell phone, address and email)

And send it to:
Brainerd Ministries
c/o C&C Alliance Church
PO Box 472
California, PA 15419

You need not apply before attending the first class session.
But attend and or apply soon we are being very selective and only taking up to 20 students this year.