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Sharia Clerics Beat Women!

posted Jan 24, 2015, 8:23 PM by R B   [ updated Jan 25, 2015, 12:03 PM ]
A woman in the predominantly Muslim city of Banda Aceh, undergoing a caning for having stayed with her boyfriend.

In these cultures, the ignorant of society gain power by becoming radicalized in Mosques with Sharia Clerics who demand they enforce middle ages Islamic Sharia law. They project their new found power on the public at large. It holds the entire country in a third world state. In Saudi Arabia for instance women are not allowed to drive and merely looking at a man can lead to a public beating. 

THIS CAN BE BATTLED AGAINST IN A FREE WORLD! In the first case of a Sharia Cleric demanding Sharia law or a Fatwa against another free citizen of the host country. The Cleric should be drug out in chains and jailed for threatening the life and free will of another. Again. The mere proclamation of Sharia Law is to threaten your fellow citizens freedoms. This crime should be treated as a threatening comment against others. 

ISIS, Boka Harem, Saudi Arabian Clerics, 911 attacks that killed 3000 Americans, France attacks that killed cartoonists are all fueled by the same thing. An initial proclamation of Sharia type Islamic Law in a free country, complete with Fatwas! 

While Saudi Arabia deplores the Sharia law attacks in France, the Sharia Clerics behead a woman in Saudi Arabia! : Read More!

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Sharia Law is evil and against Allah, God and FREEDOM Loving mankind every where!
Arrest an Islamic Law Cleric at his Podium TODAY!
When a small minority faction of a religion claims absolute truth, the whole society is in danger of its totalitarian dominance!