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2/23/12 Solicit Support From Gardeners

We want to create a joint-use park with space for bicycle riders and gardeners. In an attempt to solicit support from the local gardening community, we developed a letter. We are hoping to include this letter in the OB People's Market Newsletter and other related publications.

From One Table Top To The Next - Gardeners and Bikers Work Together To Enjoy Open Space In Point Loma

Why not create a community garden with a bicycle park in the middle of it? Bicyclists and gardeners have more in common than you might think. Both groups enjoy an outdoor activities, promote a healthy lifestyle, and are passionate towards creating positive change in our community.

The idea for a community garden / bicycle park was started by a group of bicycle enthusiasts who live in the Ocean Beach / Point Loma community. Keighan Christenson, Stan Guerrero, Scott Irwin, Darren Miller, Cliff Nelson and a few other community members spent their weekends creating a community bicycle park in Point Loma area on the undeveloped land near the corner of Famosa Blvd. and Nimitz Blvd.

The bicycle park quickly became a place where they could renew their minds and hearts while constructing jumps and obstacles for all ages and ability levels. They even built a “pump track” which was an idea place for children as young as six years old to practice and improve their bicycle riding skills. The bikers taught the neighborhood kids how to fix flat tires and tune-up their brakes. They picked up the trash, made sure kids were wearing helmets, and promoted being involved in a positive outdoor activity The bicycle park became popular with parents who brought their families to the park on weekends.

On February 9th, 2012,  the bicycle track was destroyed due to liability reasons. Over thirty children were present to watch the destruction. Fox 5 News showcased the event on the evening news. (follow this link to view the broadcast -

The group decided the idea of a bicycle park at the corner of Nimitz and Famosa was too good to let die because of the positive impact the park had on our community. The bike riders formed a group called Freeride Famosa with the purpose of developing a multi-use community park. The group wants to incorporate a community garden into the design. What better way to promote healthy choices than through an open space focused on an active outdoor lifestyle and environmental sustainability.

While at first this may seem to be an odd combination for some, the concept is a wonderful way to utilize the topography of the area. The undeveloped land at the corner of Nimitz Blvd. and Famosa Blvd. consists of a mixture of flat and inclined terrain. The flat areas are are open to the sunshine and provide space for gardens and planter boxes while the sloped areas are ideal for bicycle paths. A series of walkways would connect the two and provide community members with space to walk and enjoy the bicycle riding and gardening.

Freeride Famosa developed a website to provide the community with information on the development of the community park. You can visit them online here: The group is developing proposed layouts to help others visualize how a garden and bicycle track could co-exist together as a joint-use community park. Freeride Famosa is hoping to partner with gardeners in the Point Loma community regarding the development of this space. Interested? Please feel free to contact them at

Let's work together to develop a place where “foot plants” can grow in our community garden.