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4/5/12 Awarded "ParkStart" Grant From Alpine Bike Parks

Our group applied for and received a "ParkStart" grant from Alpine Bike Parks. A ParkStart grant is a bundle of products and services that includes everything needed to present a bike park concept to our city gov. and park and rec departments for approval and funding. This includes the following:
  1. PARKSTART™ Guide
  2. Online Design Charrette
  3. Conceptual Site Plan
  4. Custom Artist's Renderings
  5. Bike Park Vision Document
  6. Cost Estimates for Design and Construction
  7. Next Steps Guide
We met with Judd De Vall from Alpine Bike Parks and asked if he could develop a conceptual design for our May follow-up meeting with Kevin Faulconer and representatives from the San Diego Park & Recreation Department re: the status of our park. He said he would be able to put something together.

We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Alpine Bike Parks!