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4/19/12 Meeting With PCPB

The Peninsula Community Planning Board (PCPB) is a Community Planning Group citizen organization that advises the City of San Diego on land use-based community goals and development proposals. The current Peninsula Community Plan designates Site 428 (the area we are proposing to be developed as a community park) for "multi-family housing".

Click here to download a pdf of the Peninsula Community Plan. See p.12 for the Land Use map. NOTE: This file is aprox. seven megs.

During our 3/12/12 meeting with city officials, Councilman Kevin Faulconer requested we ask the PCPB to support changing the land designation in the community plan from "multi-family housing" to "public park".

WHO: Peninsula Community Planning Board
WHAT: April Board Meeting
Point Loma/Hervey Branch Library - 3701 Voltaire Street, San Diego, CA - click here for directions
WHEN: Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 6:30 PM
WHY: Request the PCPB change the community plan to designate the land to be used as a community park

4/19/12 PCPB Meeting Notes

People present
  1. PCPB Members
  2. Members of the Freeride Famosa group
  3. 30 community members in support of proposal

Meeting Notes
  • Darren and Scott presented the concept to the board. Please follow this link to view the PowerPoint. The group distributed a copy of the park proposal and signature handout. Please follow this link to download these files
  • Mr. Ross (member of PCPB) said he supported the project. He wanted riders to wear helmets and wanted to make sure rider safety was a component of this project.
  • Mr. Ryan (member of PCPB) said BMX bike riding was going to be in the Olympics. He mentioned there was a bike park near Kearny Mesa.
  • Mr. Coons said he was supportive of the project but wanted to know who owns the land (answered by group - San Diego Housing Commission). He also wanted to know if the land was large enough for a park (answered by group - yes). He wanted to know if there have been any conversations with the neighbors (answered by the group - yes, some were supportive and some had concerns re: noise from bicycle riding and drainage. Group mentioned they planned to address these concerns in plan along with parking). He wanted to know how the city would handle liability (answered by the group - the city will handle it the same way they handle liability at the Robb Field Skatepark).
  • Mr. Webb (member of PCPB) said the community plan is out of date and it needs to be rewritten. He thought sediment from park would move to the Famosa Slough.
  • Mr. Page (President of PCPB) said we can make an amendment to the community plan without having to re-write it. He said the city probably won’t completely rewrite the plan because it will cost aprox. 250,000. He asked the audience if anyone was in opposition of the plan and no one responded.
  • Mr. Jones (member of PCPB) asked if anyone from the city was present to speak about this project..
  • Mr. Bingham (representative from SD Park and Rec.) said:
    • Stacey LoMedico supports the development of additional parks
    • SD Park and Rec. wants community groups to determine the focus of new parks
    • The city is working with the SD Housing Commission to determine the value of the land through an appraisal process
  • Mr. Allenby (member of the board) said the city already can’t take care of the Sunset Cliffs Park. He wanted to know how erosion would be controlled and how the park will be maintained. (group answered by using a community partnership model similar to what Park and Rec. does with baseball fields). He wanted to know who will insure the park.
  • An unknown community member wanted to know if fences would be installed on Famosa to keep cars from going down the hill and crashing into children. (group answered by sharing partnership with a park design company who would address safety concerns)
  • The PCPB made a motion to turn over the proposal to the Park and Rec. subcommittee for further discussion.
  • Mr. Ryan (chair of the park subcommittee) said the idea was not premature, and that liability shouldn’t be an issue.
  • The PCPB voted to turn over the proposal to the Park and Rec. subcommittee for further discussion.