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For background and summary overview, read "The Best Courts (Your) Money Could Buy", then its Updates.  Also read the blog posts at Right Trumps Might, starting here.  (At the bottom of each post, click "Newer Post" to proceed to the next entry, etc.  Expect to spend a couple of hours here getting caught up, alas, but it's the only way to learn the details.)

Different aspects of this case have been categorized under the links in the left margin.  For example, to follow print and online media reporting as it occurs, keep an eye on our "Press Coverage" and "Related News" links, etc.  For the videoed series of interviews, exposés and analysis, do not miss Full Disclosure Network's series!!  (Without their relentless focus despite numerous obstacles, the proof of massive corruption strangling California would have received no attention whatsoever.  Even the Los Angeles Times has fallen down on the job, opting to endorse corrupt judges for re-election rather than report their crimes, the certainty of which was proven by Sturgeon v. County of Los Angeles and Senate Bill SBX2-11.  (And it's important to note that retroactive "immunity" does not mean that we must pretend that no crimes were committed, even though it means that the guilty will get away with them scot free.)  Thus the Times endorsed known felons to sit in judgment of the rest of us?  That took gall.  )

No need to take our word for it about the evidence, see it for yourself at our Evidence and Evidence Database links, and view the legal pleadings we've posted online at Scribd.

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