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(The bottom line:  LA County superior court judges have been caught deciding cases in the County's favor in exchange for being paid illegal "bonuses" of $57,000 per year (in addition to their legal state salaries of $178,000 plus apx. $30,000 in benefits), received from corrupt members of LA County's Board of Supervisors.  After they were sued, palms were greased and legislation was secretly passed (Senate Bill SBX2-11) to try to protect them and make it seem as if they had been given retroactive immunity from prosecution ... which consist of (literally!) TEN MILLION FELONIES to date. 

A former U.S. Dept. of Justice prosecutor, taxpayer-advocate attorney Dr. Richard I. Fine was the first to catch on, and his principled stand has literally cost him everything following his jailing in March 2009 on a trumped up "contempt of court" charge meant to stop his efforts to end corruption.  Meanwhile, the farce has escalated to the point that judges are taking over cases in which they themselves are parties (i.e., defendants) and dismissing those cases.  Surely this tragedy will end soon, as the dike that has protected the crooks for over 20 years is now springing leaks like mad and there aren't nearly enough fingers to plug all the holes.)

BREAKING:  "Open Letter from LA County Jail: End the Travesty of Justice"

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TEST YOUR LEGAL KNOWLEDGE  -  The game of "Hurdles" - an obstacle course of all the facts the Ninth Circuit will have to explain away if the plan is to aid and abet judges in continuing to soak the taxpayers.

          Media:   Full Disclosure Network and NBC reports.

          Outline of Chronology of Events
  (In progress, events being added as we have time.) 

          Copies of documents filed in court have been scanned and posted at Scribd.  Click here.

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This is an all-volunteer project.  Our volunteers, located across the country, have given thousands of hours of their time and thousands of dollars from their pockets to this mission because we are face-to-face with plenty of evidence proving the gravity of the situation.  If you too see and agree that the state of affairs in California's judicial system is dire, even the smallest donation would help us continue to fight on all our behalves to return our Constitution to its original wording and stop the crooks from stealing from us, or worse, forcing California into bankruptcy.


June 15, 2009:  California's Department of Justice tasked with providing legal opinions to the Commission on Judicial Performance on its question of whether the passage of SBX2-11 prevents it from disciplining judges.   (Link)  UPDATE:  Request withdrawn May 29th.  (Quashed by Attorney General Jerry Brown.  Why????)

June 16, 2009:  POPULAR, Inc., a nonprofit good-government advocate and legal reform organization, has selected Richard I. Fine as the sole recipient of its mid-year "Restore Integrity Award" in the Public Sector category.  Fine was selected "for being the first attorney to expose the illegality and inherent conflicts of interests spawned by the now-notorious "double benefits" payments from Los Angeles County, California, to the state’s superior court judges, all to Fine’s professional and personal detriment as he was subsequently disbarred and jailed indefinitely on contempt of court charges.(Link)

June 20, 2009:  Los Angeles County's Board of Supervisors trying to slip even MORE $$ MILLIONS to judges?  "Full Disclosure Network" discovers obscure Agenda item:  "# 7.  ...  Trial Court Operations shall constitute a single budget unit within the General Fund, with separate cost centers maintained for individual court Districts and Central Court Operations. Authorized to make appropriation adjustments between the above-mentioned cost centers within the Trial Court Operations’ budget unit without any monetary limitation".   (Link)

See current news on our Press Coverage page at (Link).


Oct 27, 2006:  "L.A. County Counsel's Office To Be Investigated"  -  County auditor directed to investigate allegations the LA County Counsel's Office manipulated reports to hide deteriorating litigation and trial results.  The unusual request for an investigation into a department head follows the firing of litigation cost manager Robert E. Nagle, who helped cut the county's litigation costs in half in recent years.  Nagle has appealed his firing, alleging County Counsel Ray Fortner's office hid information about rising costs, failed to comply with cost-cutting policies and didn't notify supervisors about conflicts of interest...  (Link) and (Link)    (Nagle later received $450,000 in settlement after suing the County.)

"If The People Lead, The Leaders Will Follow"


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Please sign the petition -- "A Request for California Attorney General Jerry Brown to Investigate Attorney Richard Fine's Case"

Complaints have been lodged with the following, not one of whom has taken any action to stop the corruption:

    Fair Political Practices Commission                           
    Commission on Judicial Performance
    California Attorney General Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown
    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger                               
    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Congressmen Brad Sherman, Adam Schiff                 
    Amnesty International                                               
    American Civil Liberties Union
    President Barack Obama

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