RC Aircraft Clubs

There are a lot R/C aircraft clubs, most of which cater to R/C airplanes I have found. My uncle has been building planes for over 50 years and there really is not much comparison between planes and helicopters. Most clubs do seem to tolerate them and even have pads for landing. Since helicopters can be used without a runway, they have a lot more flexibility on where you can fly them.

If you would like to investigate the clubs in your area you will probably find that they will require you to pay membership to the AMA first then join their club as well.

The AMA is the Academy of Model Aeronautics and their web site link is shown below. They have lot of good safety guidelines and members would most likely be a great source for information if you want to go to the expense of joining.

The AMA also has information on local chapters all across the United States.

Academy of Model Aeronautics – Official Web Site