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This web site is designed for the amateur RC Helicopter hobbyist as a resource for information to help them enjoy the hobby. When you get your first radio controlled helicopter, most likely you took it out of the box, charged the battery and jumped right in! At least, that is what I did.

Depending on what type of helicopter you tried, the result might have been a crashed helicopter and a pile of broken parts. The beginner’s helicopter with two sets of blades have limited maneuverability but are less likely to end up as a pile of parts then the intermediate versions with only one set of blades.

Now, what they do not tell you about those “ready to fly” helicopters is that they may need a few adjustments first or they might not hover and fly properly. Things like balancing the battery, checking the pitch and other stuff like that. Then you have to scour the internet for how to make those adjustments and where to find replacements for those broken parts.

At this site you will find resources for how to prepare to fly, flight simulators, adjusting your R/C helicopter, where to find parts, types of radio control helicopters, photos, where to buy and get deals on radio control aircraft and much more.

(Pictured on the below is a Walkera 22e remote control helicopter with a metal "head" upgrade.)

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