PS3 3.5" SATA HDD Mod


If you're like me, my 60GB PS3 does not have the storage capacity that I require. I am running Yellow

Dog Linux and I'm going to need more room on the HD for installs and files that I want locally. That

little 10GB partition the PS3 XMB is using is going quick; all those demos and videos that the Sony

store is dumping is really beginning to add up. Not only that, what about my music and PS1 downloads

for the PSP.

I already have a DIY NAS server at home. My server has a P4 2.8Ghz, 1GB ram, GbE NIC and 1TB of

storage. It does SMB/CIFS, NFS, FTP, HTTP and RSYNC, yadda, yadda, yadda. It's freaking fast but

using the PS3's Web browser sucks at the moment so for now while I am waiting to be able mount my

server's disk to the PS3's XMB I'm going to upgrade the PS3's HDD. Forget Team Xecuter's lame PS3

HDD mod (sorry Team Xecuter). They have not said anything about it for some time and it looks


I'll provide at least one simple solution using a 3.5" SATA HD. 3.5" drives are all around much much

faster, cheaper and larger than 2.5" laptop HDD's like the one installed in your PS3. No the 3.5" drive

will not fit in to your PS3...

Towards the bottom of the page is for people who want bigger, better, faster equipment; developers,

researchers, hackers, modders, pirates, music and movie freaks apply.

Simple 3.5" HDD Mod Requirements

Your brain (or a borrowed one from a retarded baby monkey).

Enough of #1 to figure out how to remove the OEM HDD. (If you can't figure this part out

read this...)

1 medium Phillips screw driver. (for removing the old drive)

1 3.5" SATA HDD (find one yourself start here...)

1 3.5" SATA HDD enclosure. (Like this one here...)

1 Male SATA 7-Pin DATA to Female SATA 7-Pin Cable. (I'm using a 20") Got mine here...

You may need a set of needle nose pliers or a pair of snips.

Instructions (sort of)

CoolMax CD-311-SATA COMBO - or an equivalent

Reasons I chose this model

It's black, the PS3 is black.

Uses SATA or IDE drives.

Has a SATA connection which the PS3 uses.

Also has USB & Firewire.

It was cheap, only 50 bones at NewEgg. There are less expensive ones available, you'll

have to look.

A few other nice things, you can safely carry this unit over to your PC, Mac, & Linux boxes or

another PS3. Take it with you to your friends' places, work and school. It will be easy to hook

up; it has USB and Firewire as well as the all important SATA. There is little or no risk of ESD

to the drive; in it's enclosure.

So put your stinking 3.5" SATA drive in this, if you really have to; use the instructions that came

with the enclosure, gosh!

Male SATA 7-Pin DATA to Female SATA 7-Pin Cable

It should look like this. The male end goes to the PS3 and the female end to the HDD


You will need to remove part of the male end as shown below. I used a pair of chef

scissors and a small file to smooth it down flush. Use a utility knife if you like but don't cry

to me if you trash the cable or your hand.

When you are done cutting it should look like the male connector pictured here. And if you

look at this picture and say to yourself that you need to cut the connector from the cable,

don't! If you do why do you have a knife to begin with? Maybe you should go play in the

corner with a plush toy by yourself.


***Important*** SATA is not Hot-Swappable, in other words turn off the PS3 or computer

before connecting or disconnecting the drive.

***Important*** If you plan to disconnect the drive a lot leave the extension cable plugged into

the PS3. If you plan on hooking it up to another PS3 or computer via SATA buy another cable.

SATA connections were not designed to be disconnected and reconnected more the fifty times, it

will wear out. Buying another $6 cable and or $30-50 drive enclosure is much cheaper than

having your PS3 repaired or replaced, so don't screw up your PS3.

The PS3 does not have the power to handle most 3.5" SATA drives. It is best that you get an

enclosure like the one I recommend; it has it's own power source. Some people have suggested

that you can use a 22 pin male to female power and data SATA adapter (picture w/link below)

with a 3.5" drive. Your 3.5" HDD will draw too much power from the PS3 and make it freeze up.

These work great if you want to leave your 2.5" drive outside of the PS3 or if you are swapping

drives all the time, otherwise forget it.

If you want proof of concept (i.e. pics) don't ask me it works. I used a loose 160GB SATA drive

to test it out. I'm not dumping the change for a 750GB drive yet, though a 500GB is looking

kinda sweet right now.


If you want cut, a hole in your PS3's HDD cover and run the cable through go ahead. However, I

may at a later time make a male to male SATA cable. I will likely use the extension cable I 

already have and a cable from a SATA cable bracket like in the following pics. I will cut a hole

of the appropriate size in the HDD cover and attach the bracket end to the cover. Figure this part

out yourself. For now I'll keep the PS3 in a vertical position with the cable hidden running

through a hole below to the drive enclosure.

An individual on Team Xecuter's forums asked about the use of RAID with the PS3. A Team

Xecuter forum Mod said, 'No.' That is B.S. Let us look at it this way You can buy a RAID sub-

system that has a single SATA channel and hook it right up to your PS3, Bam!!! Can you say

Tera Bytes? I knew you could. A RAID sub-system or DAS with have an embedded RAID

controller. This embedded RAID controller will make the RAID array tranparent to the PS3, in

other words the PS3 will see it as one device.

Here is an example of a two disk RAID sub-system. This means that it has it's own RAID

hardware and the Host (PS3) that you connect it to will see it as a single SATA device.

Take note of the switch.


You say you're made of money and you need to make up up for the lack of something else. You

want the most for your PS3. You want 3.75TB of local storage capacity for your PS3.

Then this and others like it are for you, meet the MR5CT1. The MR5CT1 is a 5 Disk RAID subsystem

costing roughly $1500 w/out drives ($1300 from You can figure out how

much you want to spend on 1-5 drives of the capacity of your choosing. At the time I orignaly

create this page I ran a search and with 5 750GB drives at Newegg and it will run you about

$3000 for a big ol fat 3.75TB storage device.