Getting your PS3 to recognize your External Hard Drive

This tutorial will teach you how to connect your External Hard drive (HDD) to your PS3.

NOTE: Your external HDD MUST have a external power source, it cannot be DUAL USB.

NOTE: ATA (LAPTOP) 2.5" EXTERNAL HDD's will not WORK on PS3!

Making sure the HDD is FAT32

Remember, the PS3 external drive must be FAT32 formatted, usually if your buying a store packed

external HDD it already is, but if your making your own you might have to follow a few extra steps in

order to make it FAT32 and PS3 compatible.

Once your external hard drive is connected to your computer:





Select DISK MANAGER on the left hand side options.

Select the external drive and read the "File System" type. If it says "NTFS", right click the disk

and select "Delete Partition".

Now you must partition your HDD to FAT32, unfortunately Windows XP does not do this itself, so we

need to use a few tools to help us.

Symantec Disk Checker is a great solution to go for, but if you don't want to 'buy' the software, you can

always download a few freeware that work equally as well.

Freeware Install for a Disk Manager

Go to DOWNLOAD.COM and search for "Swiss Knife".

Download the program that comes up (CompuApps SwissKnife V3 x.xx) and install it when the

download completes.

Once the install is complete, run the application and select the external hard drive you need to


On the top select the following settings: (Partition Type: Primary), (File System: FAT32),

and (Volume Label: [whatever you want]).

At the bottom, select "Create" and you're done.

You should now have a FAT32 partitioned drive, to check; open "My Computer" and double-click on

your empty external hard drive.

Now, you will want to create a folder system identical to that on the Playstation 3. Right click to create

a new folder and name the first folder "Photo". Do this for "Music", "Video" and "Game". When you

are finished, you should have 4 folders total in the hard drive. Each folder should (at this point) be


You can load all the music you want into your music folder, all the video you want into your video

folder, and all the photos you want into your photo folder. Your game folder should still be empty.

At the bottom right hand corner of the screen, left click the green arrow in your icons list and select

"Safely remove..." Once your computer tells you "XXX drive can now be safely removed", unplug the

hard drive from your computer.

You can connect the hard drive to your Playstation 3 and use the extra space to save information and

access all your extra content saved on your external hard drive.