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How to connect PS3 to PC speakers

This tutorial will guide you though on how to connect your PS3 to your computer speakers (for those

who have their PS3's connected to PC monitor).

Equipment Needed:

AV Cable from the PS3, this is the same thing that the PS2 used to connect up to your TV, it

has a yellow, white and red end, though you will only be using the white and red. This is

supplied with both the PS3 and PS2 so you will definitely have one of these.

RCA to 3.5mm adapter, it's quite hard/impossible to find adapters that go from a female RCA

input to a female 3.5mm output that you can plug your speakers straight into, so you're going to

need another piece of equipment. This adapter will take the white and red ends of the AV cable

(the one connected to your PS3) and magically turn it into a stereo 3.5mm male end, the end

will look the same as the end of your desktop speakers cable.

3.5mm coupler, the final bit of equipment will provide you with something to stick both of those

male ends into, the one on the end of the RCA adapter, and the end of your speakers cable,

couplers just have two female ends and are generally used for the extension of cables, so are

quite easy to get hold of.

Remember, when getting the RCA adapter and the 3.5mm coupler, make sure they are both stereo, or

say stereo somewhere in the description of them otherwise you'll end up with mono sound, which

means the left speaker will sound exactly the same as the right!

This is a lot cheaper than buying some new fancy speakers/amplifier that have optical connections, and

definitely cheaper than getting a Digital - Analog converter.

How To:

Once you have all of your equipment connect up your PS1/2/3 AV Cable and plug the White and Red

ends into the RCA adapter, do not plug in the yellow end, that is for video. If you have a color coded

adapter, obviously match up the colors, if not you will have to play around with which color goes in

which hole in the adapter, choose a song you know starts on the left or right speaker and do it that way.

Or you can play a game like RFOM, throw a grenade to your right and make sure it comes out the right

speaker, be imaginative.

On the end of your RCA adapter attach the 3.5mm coupler, make sure you push it in all the way,

finally, you can now plug your desktop speakers into the other end of the coupler. You're done!

I hope this helps people, I found quite a few (I mean literally a few) people that had their PS3's in

their room hooked up to their HDCP through DVI monitor and as we all know, DVI doesn't carry

sound. I was one of these people and I currently have the same setup as above.

A handy note:

Gold plated connections on all the adapters will ensure minimal loss of sound quality, so don't be afraid

to spend a little more as it will be worth it, with all these adapters a loss in sound quality is quite likely.

I currently have all gold plated connections and I can honestly say the sound is great quality, no

crackling, popping or whatever else you would associate with this many adapters.