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  • A movie theater
  • A film, also called a movie or motion picture, is a story conveyed with moving images. It is produced by recording photographic images with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or visual effects. The process of filmmaking has developed into an art form and industry.
  • (movie) a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the film was shot on location"
  • Movies@ Ltd. is a cinema chain in the Republic of Ireland. The company opened its first multiplex cinema at the Dundrum Town Centre on 1 October 2005, with 12 screens.
  • Motion pictures generally or the motion-picture industry
  • A story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a theater or on television; a motion picture
  • Likely to or liable to suffer from, do, or experience something, typically something regrettable or unwelcome
  • having a tendency (to); often used in combination; "a child prone to mischief"; "failure-prone"
  • (proneness) being disposed to do something; "accident proneness"
  • Lying flat, esp. face downward
  • Denoting the position of the forearm with the palm of the hand facing downward
  • lying face downward
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free prone movies
NECA Coraline Raincoat Bendy 7'' Doll - Raincoat Off - Free Standing - Full Rear View
NECA Coraline Raincoat Bendy 7'' Doll - Raincoat Off - Free Standing - Full Rear View
Rear view of a topless Coraline, which shows the wire support structure inside of her arms and torso. She is free standing, but is not too stable as she is top heavy. So she is supported by a doll stand in all of the other photos of her standing. Coraline is now fully deboxed, and standing supported by a doll stand (not included with the doll). She has taken off her raincoat and is naked underneath. You can see how thin her body is, which is necessary for it to be bendable. Photos of my Coraline Bendy Doll, fully deboxed. I put her poseability to the test, both in static and action poses. Also, we take a look under the hood to see how she is constructed. I just got a new in box Coraline Bendy Doll, raincoat model. She was released by NECA in 2008, for the Coraline stop action animated movie by Henry Selick. She is a 7'' tall poseable doll. She has bendable limbs and torso, poseable hands and head, and a removable face. Her outfit consists of a yellow hooded raincoat, blue jeans and yellow rain boots. All these are easily removable and well made. Her arms, legs and torso are made of a rubbery very flexible and tough material, with wire inside, so she bends and holds poses very well. She does have a ball joint on her neck, which combined with her flexible neck makes her head amazingly poseable. She can spin her her head around 360 degrees, and tilt it up or down at least 45 degrees. She also has wrist joints, which enable her wrists to turn 360 degrees. She can bend at the elbows and knees about 90 degrees before the rubber resists any further bending. She has a mischievious look on her face, with a smirk on her thin lips and knitted eyebrows. She has molded blue hair, blue freckles on her cheeks, a small pointy nose, and eyes with rather small brown irises. My doll was made in 2011, and does not have the doll stand that was included in the original version. The doll is no longer in production. It has a common defect of these dolls - the tip of her nose has the paint rubbed off. Her nose it very pointy, so it is prone to this problem. Because of this, I got her for a very good price from eBay. You can see some of the paint from the nose streaked on the inside of the plastic front window. There are also two other Coraline bendy dolls in the same series, Casual or Sweater Coraline (in sweater and jeans) and PJ Coraline (in pajamas). She is a bendy doll, and she has a round face, freckles and a smirk, so is a good match for my newly acquired fully articulated 11'' Merida doll.
Center Theatre, Charlotte, NC ca1949-50
Center Theatre, Charlotte, NC ca1949-50
Though blurred, the art deco theme is apparant from the windows on the doors behind the free-standing box-office. The movie playing was "Christopher Columbus" starring Fredric March released in 1949. The Center sat beside Little Sugar Creek on Morehead near Kings and was prone to flooding during heavy rains. Photo from the collection of Edward Marks.