Purpose: To reach unchurched people by placing prayer boxes in restaurants, banks, groceries, any work place or business and then praying for the prayer requests collected each week.
Hello! My name is Molly Saunders. God started the Free Prayer Box ministry in Mount Vernon, Ohio in December, 2001. (You can read about it on the history page) We have been seeing God use the prayer boxes to bring Christians from different denominations together, to work shoulder to shoulder in God‘s harvest field! We have seen this ministry grow from one prayer box, one business (Hardee's), and one person praying over those requests (myself), to about 70 prayer box volunteers, and over 100 boxes in Knox County. 
From there we have seen God take them to many cities in Ohio and to nearly every state in the US, and they are either in or on their way to 32 other countries! And requests for information come in every week. So now people can get the information they need to get started from this web page, and only God knows where the free prayer boxes will show up next!
    We chose the name Free Prayer for several reasons. First, the word “FREE” always  gets people’s attention! Secondly, God has provided Corpad Company in Mansfield, OH to produce these boxes at an extremely low price (see information on the order materials page). No, the boxes are not free, but they are so low priced that ministries are able to buy a quantity of boxes inexpensively and give them out free or for a donation to their ministry. We pray that no branch of the free prayer ministry will ever charge for these boxes. And thirdly, our goal is to help people see that the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord. 
(Romans 6:23)
    We believe that by putting the free prayer boxes into places in our cities, and by praying for people’s requests, God will answer our prayers and bring the people closer to Him by His Holy Spirit. We believe in prayer! (You can read about some of the miracles God has done through this ministry on the testimonials page.)
    Also, it seems that the Free Prayer Box Ministry has caught on in places where the Christian churches are joining together. In Mount Vernon we have more than 20 pastors from different denominations working with us! Our goal is no longer just to get people into our churches, but to get them into the Kingdom of God. And God is also using this increasing concert of prayer to change the spiritual atmosphere of our cities, as well as changing the people who are doing the praying, giving us more compassion for the lost and hurting!
     I have worked alongside the Pastors of the Knox Ministerial Association, to prayerfully put together this web site for you. Please let us know how we can pray for you or help you. Tell us your testimonies, and we will share them with others.
WANNA PRAY MORE? -The Video!  It's Done!
    Thank you to everyone who helped us fund the video production!  The Video Ministries International Team from Tucson, Arizona was here filming from April 29 -May 4 2003.   To see the short version, click here.

To find out more about the video and ordering information go to the order materials page.

God bless you all.  Listen to God.  Do what He says.
  "The Lord thunders at the head of His army.
    His forces are BEYOND NUMBER, and
      are those who obey His command."
                                                                   (Joel 2:11)
Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord. 
(Romans 12:11)