My girlfriend asked me why I watch free porn videos.

My girlfriend asked me why I watch free porn videos.

I watch free porn videos becase I like porn. This is the simple reason.

I don't want to porn videos become a problem with our lives, but i don't want stop doing something I like. And yes... I like watching free porn videos. And I don't know what is the problem with this.

If I watch porn video I feel I I can peeping others, without catch out, and this is really exciting.

I also like sexual variety. If I would like to watch porn video I can choose from an endless selection: teen porn, asian porn, lesbian porn etc.

And I don't know why is it a problem for she if I watch free porn when I'am hot to trot but she is too tired to do anything. (Actually it is good both of us.)

I have no problems with "regular sex" I just like watch porn videos too.

And the truth is that I don't watch porn movies so often, just about twice a week.

So my message to all of the girlfriends is that: please let your partner to see free porn videos, they can learn a lot from them. ;)

Moreover you sould watch free porn videos together. It could be useful and enjoyable both of yours.