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Freeplay House Band

Fusion Band song book at http://www.chordie.com/publicbooks.php?show=details&songid=445937

Freeplay (www.freeplaypoole.org.uk) is a social enterprise which I set up...initially as a pilot project in 2008...and received an UnLtd Award in 2009 to develop further.

It is a not- for- profit/voluntary enterprise, helping to raise the profile of local music and the arts in Poole. It aims to inspire and offer moral support to local musicians, writers, singers and artists in collaboration with The Arts Poole (TAP). It currently offers regular music jamming events in a local atmospheric pub (The King Charles Inn. Poole...1st Thursday and 3rd Sunday of every month). This is a free, informal, event where musicians/singers/songwriters/artists meet, network, jam, share and learn from each other. Freeplay enables local musicians to interact with other artists, performers and the general public at these and other community events. This enables individuals and bands to raise their profile, showcase their work and sustain personal growth and professional development. It also gives the general public an opportunity to meet/interact with local musicians and artists and enjoy the experience of live music and art on their doorstep...in a local pub "with a difference".

Freeplay was developed and inspired via connections with The Arts Poole (TAP)

The Freeplay Fusion Band (FFB) is a collective of core musicians and writers who have attended Freeplay on a regular basis...this "band" of Freeplayers has been created in response to requests received from other organisations/event organisers (eg AHI Conference) to provide live music and bring the Freeplay interactive experience to their local community.

People bring their own songs and materials/instruments as well as cover songs to Freeplay events (see website for details) These can be played and developed with support from and access to...other musicians and writers...to also have fun simply "jamming", chilling out and trying different variations of a cover song or a written song/poem/short story.

A repertoire of numbers and chords (song book) will be built up over time by Freeplayers and accessed publicly via Freeplay website...so that a flexible community of musicians can be available @ reasonably short notice, to take an interactive music experience to the people when requested!

The FFB also offers a vehicle for less confident musicians and performers who attend Freeplay events and who may be "starting out" in the live music scene. It can be a place to go, to find moral support and a pathway to performing in public spaces, with other more experienced, proficient and empathic band members. The idea is to create opportunities for personal development...build confidence...learn new skills...within a supportive environment...and simply have lots of fun just being there, enjoying live music and the arts with other like minded "creatives".

If you think you are not "creative"...Freeplay challenges you to...think again...

Join us...when you can...and need those creative, batteries re charged...no membership...no pressure...

email: freeplaypoole@.org.uk to go on the mailing list for our monthly ezine.

Marylyn Cropley