Freeplay Reviewed

Freeplay Review Document


I created and set up Freeplay in 2008 as a live music and art…community experience inspired by my connections with 

The Arts Poole (TAP)-Poole and East Dorset Art Society (PEDAS) and local individual artists and musicians. Including 

good family, friends and past experiences. It started as an informal, social, live art and music scene and then became a 

voluntary, not-for-profit "pilot" social enterprise after receiving a small UnLtd Award to further develop this concept in 2009/10.

Freeplay is…also a tribute to my late husband Pete who inspired and encouraged me to share my love and passion for live 

music and art. Some memorable experiences we both shared with many good friends were regular social/music jamming 

evenings alongside exploring the world of art and music. 


These experiences have sustained me over the years in many beneficial ways and I personally have been fortunate to have 

been able to share this with you and many others via Freeplay.


This review will:

  • Enable me to know and understand better the benefits of Freeplay to you and others as a not-for-profit social community enterprise.
  • To have an idea of what people actually want from the Freeplay “experience”.
  • To consolidate the learning and experiences and find ways to manage Freeplay at a sustainable and effective level, keeping it as it is now in Poole, whilst developing further a personal vision of Freeplay, concepts and beliefs that I have held for many, many years and not been able to realise till now.

Your comments and prompt return of the attached questionaire would be very much appreciated and valued and I look forward to hearing back 

from you soon. 


Many thanks

Best wishes.


Freeplay Review Document