".....Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance"
A Line From the Lyrics of "I Hope You Dance", Written by Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers


As you'll see, I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination.  The pictures here are only cell-phone pictures that I've taken.  Many, but not all, were taken in July, 2013, which was an extremely tumultuous month as far as weather and "unsettled-ness" go.  So, with a particularly interesting and ever-changing sky, I couldn't resist trying to capture some of the clouds in pictures.
  I may or may not edit some of what's here, but I don't have time (or inclination) to do a lot more than I've already done.  The pictures are, as they say, what they are - which is why I thought I'd just start posting them on here and offering them to anyone who could possibly have a use for any of them (or for parts of any of them).

Many of the images are small or medium.  I'll post some larger ones in the future.

In a world full of photographers I'm pretty self-conscious about, and uncertain of, whether I should even make this site public; but if you knew the borderline-obsession I seem to have developed (at least temporarily) with cloud images you'd understand why I don't just delete them from the camera and forget about them.  Also, however, between my being a writer and being someone who creates sites/blogs, I can see some uses for these images that someone who is looking for better photography may not see.  (In other words, some uses lend themselves well to completely altering images and creating "art".  I, personally, care more about any art I'll create from these than about the images, themselves.)