Free Online Courses to learn Belly Dance, Movement Meditation, Personal Development

Spiritual Master Ayleen of the Final-Enlightenment

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Belly Dancing for personal development

Belly Dancing for personal development

Hello my dears,
welcome to my free Online Belly Dance Courses with belly dance as a Moving Meditation. Join me and my group Aysumi online.

The belly dancing has evolved socially from community rituals (e.g. birth dance) over the free expression of emotion (improvisation) towards mentally-oriented structures (choreography). All these aspects I now integrate to loving Movement Meditation. For this purpose, we start for complete beginners with the belly dance basics and belly dance techniques. Then we continue with free dance and go on to choreography and Movement Meditation. We teach more and more content and also offer support for the loosening of blockades, to get to know the inner family and for spirituality.

To know the inner family is worth it for more quality of life, because the human psyche is an inner family with inner child, inner woman and inner man. In my guideline "Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family" (German edition, English translation is in progress) I represent this concept of the human psyche as an inner family for the first time and I assume that this view will be very fast generally adopted. This book about the inner family is also recommended for interested laymen for a basic understanding of the inner family as the human psyche. But furthermore with its psychotherapeutic methods it is specifically addressed at holistic therapists to expertly spread the transcendental consciousness, too. A first insight into the specific handling of the inner family you´ll find organized by me on Facebook and Google+ as a project especially for the inner family.

Accordingly, especially the inner woman can, among other things, be cured by belly dancing. That's why I refer in my book in the chapter about the inner woman to this Online Belly Dance Courses and we support you thereby to better quality of life. This female form of Movement Meditation completes the already known male Movement Meditations to a whole.

We wish you very much fun with our online courses to belly dance. May be the belly dance for you such a large enrichment for your lives as it has always been for myself and as it for our group Aysumi still is. This belly dance project is supported by my task of passing on the universal love to the people.

Much love yours Ayleen