These are the Rules, Learn them, Know them, Love them.....and by all means abide by them from time to time. 



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These Rules are Subject to Change at any time. Failure to abide may result in a ban, depending on the mood of the mods that day.

1.    Don't pester other people, swear, or generally be an ass. Although witty comments are encouraged as long as they are funny and non-disruptive.


2.  The following topics are strictly forbidden in ##physics:

UFOs, God(s), Religion, how you know everything better than everyone else. Violators will be shot*.


3.     Don't spam or advertise on this channel.


4. People with annoying Nicknames like "HAX0RTEHK4ILLA" and "PHYSICSMASTAA" are more likely to be booted.


5. For large pastes use , it even has  LaTeX support!

6. DO NOT answer questions if you are not confident in what you are saying. I do not want people getting false information on this channel. If you are giving false information and do not stop upon request you will be banned.


7. Have fun.....that is not an option.