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Here are Some links to some interesting Phsics websites, and Articles. If you have anything to add, hit the channel and give me (JabberWalkie) a message.


Physics questions....great questions, great answers! 


Wikipedia Is a great resource for physics, most of the time.


Hyperphysics is a website run by the Physics and Astronomy Department and Georga State University. It is a great resource.


Here us a clip of a boat floating on "nothing" 


 Controversial Links: The ideas, theories, and technologies in this section are currently being disputed by the scientific community.


Free  Energy? The people of steorn think they have it.


Gravitational waves induced by discharge through gas by ceramic superconducting anodes? Papers by Evgeny Podkletnov and Giovanni Modanese 

Podkletnov's wikipedia entry 



Detection of Gravomagnetic fields?


Microwave propulsion? 

Some people disagree with this