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posted 8 May 2012, 06:19 by John Kirk   [ updated 8 May 2012, 13:01 ]


by - John Kirk

Above - Rendered Directly from the Score

Photo Left - John Kirk and Niece

Teacups !

What a great ride !

This piece was inspired by a grand day out at the fair

Written specifically to be a challenge for young conductors in 7/4 and 3/4

FMFK Conductors Tip .... 7/4 can easily be beat in 3 strokes 123 1&1& (see below)

Available FREE - in our Brass Band section of the FMFK Library.

The creation of the piece coincided with an appeal for works to help with the
Every Child Matters (ECM) framework in North West England.

Aimed at raising self-esteem and confidence in children not so blessed academically and who are not in a position to access any wider opportunity provision

With this in mind a M-M-One Backing Track and Song Chart is also available
FREE in our M-M-One section of the library.

Simply download the MP3 backing track and print the PDF Song Chart for the kids to sing.

The Song Chart PDF has been purposely stripped back of most musical markings (including the stave itself) to focus on content alone.
All layers of translation that would only confuse those new to written notation.
The lyrics could easily be changed to suit the group as part of a class project.

The words have a mousy bias at the moment.