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11. Deirdre Kent

Deirdre Kent

Deirdre Kent is a co-founder of The New Economics Party of New Zealand and one of the few people in the EcoEconomics movement today who recognizes the importance of new land taxation systems that integrate well into new currency systems (where most thinkers & activists today still only focus on the second). A long-time sustainability activist, she is the author of Healthy Money Healthy Planet.

Kent sees economy as an organic whole, emphasising that it should mimic the patterns of nature and arguing for the model “economies nested within economies”, but also, because she formulates a new approach, which is barely known even after seven years:

“The way of treating parts as wholes has been called ‘holarchy’ [...] such systems are more appropriate than hierarchies. Each living part is whole in itself and possesses something non-material and irreducible: a pattern of organisation.”

She adds: “In an organic holarchic model, each economy ‐ supranational, national, regional, local and neighbourhood – would be a complete unit” (all citations on pages 103-105).

She states that a healthy economy (just like the cells in the body) needs semi‐permeable membrane to provide protection, consequently we have to decide how to regulate the different flows (capital, goods, etc.) effecting our economy. The holarchic view gives guidance for the communities to construct their own healthy money systems.

Deirdre is a long time activist, having campaigned in tobacco control, banking reform, indicators, and other social and economic justice issues.

A piece of Deirdre's Conference of 23rd April 2013