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04. Glenn Gall

Glenn Gall

Glenn Gall lives in Oberlin, Ohio, and worked in polymer research and electronic technology.

His lifelong passions have been music and peace and justice advocacy.

In the last decade, he has become a farmer/rancher and permaculturist.

His climate activism centers around the most effective means of removing otherwise persistent and damaging atmospheric greenhouse gasses.

This means capturing and managing rainwater resources, perennial agricultural systems including agroforestry, holistically managed grazing and rewilding, carbon induction with healthy plants feeding the soil, transitioning farms away from conventional agricultural practices, and motivating non-farmers to get involved in broadscale agriculture directly or indirectly.

He also works with the Oberlin Project and the New Agrarian Center to help them achieve their goals.

Access his website at http://reverseglobalwarming.org/resources/ to view helpful resources to help create a healthy and abundant world.

Glenn loves his family and grandchildren, dancing, and singing everything from early music to rock and roll.

A piece of Glenn's Conference of 18th April 2013