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03. Erick Brenes

Erick Brenes

After finishing my B.A. in Finance Management in Costa Rica, I was granted a scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education to do a M.A. in International Management at the Otaru University of Commerce.

After finishing my M.A. I went to work in Germany with Unilog Integrata in Munich for nearly two years. Then, after the 2002 crack down of the Germany labor market, I came back to Costa Rica to work for a project of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, and after for a project of the Inter-American Developing Bank until 2006, when I took a job as Costa Rican coordinator for STRO Foundation from Netherlands.

After research, implement, execute and evaluate several successful projects in the Central American region, I was promoted to the Andean Region where, along with Pachamama Foundation, several projects were started.

In Ecuador and mainly in the south of Colombia, along with the indigenous organization, we research/develop activities for sustainable local economic development considering their epistemological approach to development.

While working at the Andean Region, I was granted another scholarship by the Italian Ministry of Education to do a Ph.D. research on the methodologies and approaches used in the previous projects (which is based on UN's Agenda XXI Century approach to sustainability)

Thanks to my professional experience and my recent empirical and theoretical research, in my Ph.D. thesis, I confronted sustainable development from an epistemological perspective.

At this moment (01/13) I work as member of the Academic Committee of the International Instituto for Environmental Training (IIFA) in Valladolid, Spain; and as an Associated Researcher for Centro Inter-universitario di Ricerca per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (CIRPS) in Rome, Italy