Welcome & Enrollments

We are now offering three ways in which you can broaden your knowledge in many distinctive topics related to Integral Permaculture:

1) MiniCourses (A, B, C, D, H) - you watch the classes, study additional materials, comment and discuss with other students on Facebook groups, respective to each MiniCourse

2) Mentorship programmes* (E, G, I) - After you enroll, you get private mentoring sessions with one of our tutors, that will guide you through the topic based on your individual needs and expectations. Here, you learn mostly by action, so be prepared for exciting challenges!

3) StudyGroups** (F, J) - All of the resources for this Study Groups are provided for free, so everyone can see them. After enrolling on this courses you get access to a discussion platform, where you can meet other students interested in this subject. The goal of this course is to encourage everyone to come together to create Study Groups around given subjects. (Goes very well with the Facilitation Basics Mentorship programme!)

We hope that you will enjoy and make good use of these ways of interactive learning!

To enroll - simply follow the 3 steps below:

1) Choose your Course

You can see a description of the courses on offer, with full programme, description, cost, etc. in the menu to the left.

You can start at any time & enroll on any number of courses you wish: they are not listed in any particular order, the letters are only for ease of reference.

2) Make the payment

by bank transfer or by Paypal

a) via a bank transfer to 

Name: Asoc. Gaia Tasiri (NIF: V38819751) 

Bank: Triodos Bank,     Nº Acct. : 1491 0001 25 1009146125

IBAN: ES58 1491 0001 25 1009146125        BIC (or SWIFT code): TRIOESMMXXX

Address:   C/ José Echegaray 5, Parque Empresarial Las Rozas, 28230 Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain            

Note: it is important that on the bank transfer you add the name of the course you're enrolling on - eg. D. EcoEconomics  +  your name and surname

b) OR using PayPal 
  • Go to www.paypal.com  
  • Log in to your account (or create an account) 
  • Click on "Send Money" tab
  • Click on the "Personal" tab (below the amount box)
        and the "Pending payment" button.
  • Enter our PayPal email:  hola@ecoinversion.net
  • and the amount for your course

& to complete your enrollment
don't forget step 3!

3) Send your Details

& we will contact you very soon with your starting instructions.

Course Enrollment - IPC Academy

NOTE that you need to send this information in order to complete your enrollment.

To Earn Permis

The Integral PermaCulture Academy manages the Permis currency, a special complementary currency for valuing exchanges within the permaculture community.   

You can spend Permis for more permaculture courses, including & up to Diploma (degree) applied permaculture design level, with the Academy. 

You can earn Permis (the complementary currency we use to exchange in our community) by doing these mini-courses.

For example ..

a) when you successfully finish a course, we give Permis (as well as your Certificate) in proportion to how well you've done;   

b) if you make some valuable contribution to a course, in supporting your course companions, or to the Integral PermaCulture Designers Manual, the tutors can reward you with extra Permis;

c) and if you refer others to any of these courses, we'll also give you Permis for this outreach help.

We assign Permis individually. 

If you are interested in earning them, email us on permintegral@gmail.com

writing us a bit about yourself and what your contributions. 

Note that these courses are 

Note there are 3 steps for enrolling

Financial Support

How to Apply for a Bursary & other ways to help your economy with these courses

You will notice we propose a sliding scale for each course.    This is a way of inviting us all to cooperate towards creating an eco-economy by sharing our blessings more fairly: those who have more give more, those who have less give less. 

We do this in order to both value the great effort the teaching team put into creating and facilitating these big opportunities for learning how to design for a saner planet, and also make them as inclusive and accessible as possible to anyone who wants to enjoy these great resources.

But if you can't afford even the minimum amount on the sliding scale of a course that you would really like to do, don't worry!

To apply for a bursary

please simply write us an email about you, why you want to do the course (tell us your long-term vision!), & what your limiting factors are (why you can't afford to pay, or how much would be your limit).

our email is

If you would like to do something in exchange (instead of paying cash), please do add what kinds of skills & time you have available, as we always have much more work than time, and would welcome especially online administration help.

And there are more ways we love to help us all to co-create eco-economies!

See the "To Earn Permis" heading in this page for one option.

you can also earn money by facilitating Study Circles or Support Groups 

based on these courses! (or any other permaculture subject you are passionate about)

Because we particularly love helping people to -
a) multiply the benefits of this precious knowledge in this way, 

b) by at the same time helping permaculture enthusiasts to improve or even start their own more ethical economy, 

c) not to mention increase the facilitation skills quotient in the world: so crucial for these Transition Times.

To explore this option

we reccommend you first enroll in the subject you would like to facilitate in and (after or at the same time) also enroll on the Facilitation Basics course.   

I this way you will get personal mentoring and ongoing support in designing and running your chosen group: great action-learning!