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Counting Math Worksheets

Learning to count lays the foundations for future math learning. Children will usually start by learning to chant the numbers in order, "one, two, three, four, five". This can be misleading, as just because a child can say the numbers, it doesn't necessarily mean that they can count a group of objects accurately.

They will need lots of practice counting real things like buttons, shoes, pencils, raisins and so on. These worksheets will help children to develop their counting skills.

Hopping Frog Number Line

Cut and stick to make a number line up to 20 with a little frog to hop along and help with counting, addition and subtraction.

Number Matching Game

This worksheet gives you 40 printable cards with the numbers 1 to 10, pictures, dots and words. Instructions for making different matching games included.

Just for Fun - How Many Fish?

How many blue fish can you count? How many yellow fish? How many green fish? How many red fish? How many fish are there altogether? To feed the fish, click in the pond.