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Addition Math Worksheets

These worksheets, games and activities will help your child to learn about addition.

Lots of practice is needed so that the basic facts can be committed to memory. These games and worksheets will help to make practicing addition skills fun.


If you haven't got a set of dominoes, you can print these onto card, laminate and cut out. Use them to play regular dominoes games or they make a great resource for practicing addition. One simple idea is to ask your child to find all the dominoes which add up to 5 (0+1, 1+4, 2+3) for example. They could group the dominoes - how many add up to zero, how many add up to 1, how many add up to 2 and so on.

Addition Domino Worksheets

This set of addition worksheets uses pictures of dominoes to help children practice addition. The first two worksheets are for beginners and only have totals up to 5. Worksheet 3 goes up to a total of 6, worksheet 4 has totals up to 8, worksheet 5 up to 10 and worksheet 6 has totals up to 12. The final worksheet has all the doubles.

Just for Fun - Bee Smart Addition

Try this mini game to practice your addition skills.