Wind Power -- Some Snippets

I'm focusing on Solar PV here, but I'm also pausing to collect "wind snippets" in passing, some of which bear analysis (e.g., the variability arguments running through it) directly relevant to Solar power.

March, 2013:  Wind vs Nuclear

January, 2013:  Wind Resource Map

January, 2013:  Serious negatives on wind here.

The Southern Company makes a play for off-shore wind.

Here's a February 11, 2012 presentation on wind power in Georgia.

But see, Texas has jumped out ahead in this area, and it's had some problems.

Check out this Wind Map.

Here's an interest group's claim:  "Analysts predict that by 2017, the cost for electricity produced from new onshore wind farms will be lower than new advanced or conventional coal plants.  Source: Energy Information Administration, "

 5 GW of wind power in Ireland, and export 100% of the output?  That is worth noting.

7/12:  100 TWH of wind power growth per year now projected.

7/30/12:  China to remain king of wind power:

China is already the largest wind power market in the world installing almost 50% of the wind capacity in 2010. It intends to keep up the furious pace of wind turbine installations at around 25 GW per year for the next 35 years to reach 1000 GW by 2050. China already has around 7 of the top 15 wind turbine producers. The Chinese Wind Capacity has grown at 100% CAGR to reach 18 GW in 2010. However this strong growth has led to saturation of the wind market and price wars are being seen in China. Exports to other countries have been difficult as the cost of transportation of Wind Turbines is high.