Wanted: An Off-The-Shelf Stirling Engine

Wanted: An Off-The-Shelf Stirling Engine

Here’s why: Invented in 1816, many people rave about them, as they run on the mere differential between heat and cold, and have been incorporated into suspiciously optimistic solar-electricity-generation systems like this.  But, see this bankruptcy story.

My question: Where are those solar-stirling products?  Try to buy one from these guys.  Or these folks.  I've yet to see a product/price list, and when I've emailed them I get the brush-off.  I suspect they don't have a product, and that their's is just a "VC-lure" site.

And why can’t “normal” people like me buy an off-the-shelf actual, working stirling engine?

Yes, you can buy a model and be impressed.

But why doesn’t anyone sell small-scale, working engines like what this fellow shows in his
video?  Or this?

What is the gaping flaw that’s prevented those two appealing videos from becoming reality, and causing the concept to be mocked

And what ever became of this Sandia Labs effort?

Anyone ever see a product/price list out of any of these sources?

Here's a company to check out.  This, too.

July, 2014:  Dean Kamen to the rescue?  

October, 2015:  Here's another "almost product."  Fine, can we buy one.  Now?

Please email me at freemarketsolar@juno.com if you have an answer to these questions.

Here's a "chat" site with people asking the same questions.