The Nuclear Monkey Wrench

85 minutes drive from my 10KW solar array there will be erected two new nuclear plants at a $16 billion cost. They may not ever make economic sense: " “In the current environment, we have the combination of low natural gas prices, abundant supplies of natural gas, relatively modest electricity demand growth coming out of the recession and the lack of a price on carbon,” said James K. Asselstine, managing director of Barclays Capital, who served on the regulatory commission from 1982 to 1987. “It’s probably unlikely we’ll see other plants move to construction in the very near term.”  Here's a June, 2013 NYT article updating this project.  And here's a September, 2013 column railing against it, illuminating the bribola-lobbying that greased its skids.

But they are heavily ($8 billion DOE loan guarantee) subsidized via federal dollars and advance-collection on Georgia Power customers' bills.

Same shit, different day.

Public money thrown at an enterprise no private investors will touch.  See the pattern?

This new layer of subsidized undertaking will only throw a monkey wrench into the mix, making it even more difficult for the free market (for private capital investors) to discern what is and what is not a good deal (hence, invest in our future).  Government entanglement begets more government entanglement, more socialized risk, and more national debt.

There's hopeful news, says Bill Gates, this company, noted in this article.