Research Sources

 I have no interest in any company, book, etc., and am selling nothing, sporting no ads, nor endorsing anything else.  Nor is anyone paying me anything, or sending me free stuff.

Instead, I'm simply collecting and providing what I find to be useful information on Free Market Solar Power.

Excellent site for energy policy and products

Payback Calculator for Solar Power Arrays

Public Utility Commissions state-by-state   This, too.

State-by-State legislation tracker

Setting up Community Solar Cooperatives

International Renewables Market: click here.

U.S. Energy Information Agency -- and it also has beta site showing energy resources state-by-state. Here's California.

"Brownfield" and "Abused Land" availability (for solar) map

Rooftop Solar book, as reviewed by REWIRE, an online solar magazine which has its own Facebook page here.

Guidebook for small scale renewable systems.  Here is the actual guidebook.

NREL Solar PV maps, including this 
one, showing Solar PV installations over time.

Solar Reviews site.

Some books and publications that I've come across:

My personal favorite.

This is a very useful history of alternative power.

This looks promising, available October, 2012.

Tony Seba, Solar Trillions

Craig Shields, Renewable Energy: Facts and Fantasies (July 2010)

I like this book, available in Google Books, as it speaks to Solar PV owners, installers and investors.

This "solarpedia" site's a little hokey (oh, those quirky Brits!) but can be mined for current, useful information.  I found this there, for example.

This general energy-sources site's been around for a while, and is a good source for current (if not sometimes way out there) news.

Union of Concerned Scientists -- predicting, as restated in this Letter to the NYT Editor, that "
wind and solar could meet 27 percent of America’s electricity needs by 2030 covering 36,600 square miles, including the area between the turbines. That’s only 1 percent of all land area in the United States."  Too, the cuts and renewable energy plans, this paper projects, will reap the nation a "net savings of $255 billion by 2030.

Sustainable Business Resources site

Smart grids, Micro-grids, and "electricity rights"

Arranging Solar Arrays In Tree Patterns