Other Useful Web Sites

Here are some other web sites I find useful:

Energy Business Review

Electricity Pricing -- Nationwide

For Do It Yourself fans.

For the latest news on renewables in general.

An Aussie site.

Land mass needed for 100% solar energy worldwide. 


Open Energy Information (OpenEI)
  (here's an article about that site).


Power America  -- thoughtful, provocative insights and questions.

Clean Techies -- ditto.

A thoughtful commentator who's amassed a nice collection of renewable energy websites.

This site focuses on Solar PV industry news.

Online Solar Calculator for your area

Do It Yourself Solar  and here's a very nice DIY installation, including this from the owner:

Anyone interested can now go to the link below and see the output of
my new grid tied 4.6KW solar electric system in both real time and
historically. At the bottom of the page it shows the environmental
benefits to date. I did all of the work installing it, it is a fixed
array ground mount. I am still getting all of the online aspects
figured out, but it looks like the initial discrepancy between panels
was just a data reporting glitch, as the latest data shows them all
within tolerances. Click on "Power Production" to see the most up to
date output, and on the arrows in "Today's output" and "Past 7 days"
to see a moving display of output over time. Even with short winter
and some cloudy days it is making more electricity than we are using.
Doug- Solar space heating since 1985, solar hot water since 1990
"Doing the (b)right thing"


Solar Today Magazine

Good Solar Industry News Site

The Carbon War Room

A Free Market Energy Blog

Solarcell.orghttp://www.solarcell.org/ (collects articles and research on Solar PV)

Solar Energy Industries Association (yes, a very pro-subsidy slant to what you read here).

Here's a standard, blue-state-greenie, any solar's good solar site.  These folks think one thought -- more solar's good solar, and we don't care if there are grid-connectivity and variability-usability issues.  Nor do we care about rational cost considerations, just tax-and-spend-do-it!  These folks, too.

Here's a cool site with a US electricity-price graphic.

Off-point but nevertheless cool sites: