Japan Watch

March, 2015:  This is perhaps the most intriguing and didactic article, and turning point, to study.   Money quote: "Solar power here is costly for consumers because of high state-mandated prices, and handling the fluctuating output of thousands of mostly small solar producers is tricky for utilities. Necessary improvements in the infrastructure have not kept pace, experts say."

November, 2903:  Japan market booming with high FIT rates.  (Source).

September, 2013:  Japan hits 10GW Solar PV benchmark.   (Source).

August, 2013:  A new "grid storage battery" in development in Japan.  (Source).

July 2013:  Japan could overtake Germany and Italy and become number two, behind China, in net solar PV investment.  (Source).

June, 2013:  Nuclear fallout -- Japan's about to experience explosive Solar PV growth.

April, 2013:  Japan "Japan, the world’s biggest importer of liquefied natural gas, added 1,394 megawatts of clean energy capacity, most of it solar, between April last year and the end of January," 2013.  (Source).

10/12/12: 1780 MW of solar and wind power ordered up for Japan's grid, 83% of it solar.

10/4/12: Now here's some serious demand-side management.

9/12/12:  Up to $640 Billion in Solar PV investment.  Click here, too.   Japan is already the third largest country for installed solar capacity, with almost 5 gigawatts (GW) as of 2011.  (Source).  But (10/1/12) -- is it creating a market bubble with all this "incentive?"

8/12:  Japan's largest Solar PV plant.