Grid Parity Claims

Grid parity means that the cost of electricity generated by Solar PV is equal to if not less than electricity generated by fossil and other "brown power" sources.  I'm collecting here articles on it, including those claiming that grid parity has been reached in various areas of the world.

January, 2015:  Grid parity claimed in solar PV and CSP and thermal blends now being built.   (Source).  
The title of that article: "Solar Will Soon Take On Base Load Fossil Fuels"

2/13: A New Mexico facility claims to be selling Solar-PV-generated electricity for less than coal-generated electricity. (Source).

10/12:  A Spanish PV installation claims grid parity.

9/12:  "Solar electricity is getting cheaper, and analysts predict that it will be as cheap as grid electricity by 2015 in half the countries of the world."  (Source).