Electric Cars

No part of Joe Six Pack's life with electricity can be realistically visualized without accounting for the coming wave of electric-powered cars that can blend with his Solar PV array

MPG-e (Miles Per Gallon Equivalent) explained.  Comparative fuel sourcing analysis done here.

Fuel Cell - Electric Cars

Right now, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are still a pipe dream, but here's a convincing column showing that they will predominate and displace internal combustion engine drive cars.

Nevertheless, collected here is data on "concept" and actual production electric cars:

Plug-in rechargeable, 400 mile range, 100 mpg hybrid pick-up truck.

Toyota's conception of house-to-car operations.

Best site I know that updates us on the latest in electric and other clean-tech cars.

Hybrids -- "Atlas Shrugged Motors"  and, unfortunately, "Atlas Shrugged Motors II

100% Electric cars:

-- From the Koreans