Africa Watch

I cover a lot of Africa-oriented Solar stuff here.

Remember that 1.6 billion people live off the grid, many in Africa, where this company is creating a new Solar PV market for the lowest economic tier.  Barclay's Bank, for that matter, in early 2013 approved a nice loan for an African, "prepaid solar," microgeneration-solar business.  If that market model takes off it could displace a lot of kerosene burning there.  Africa has 325 days of sun per year, and many simply need to recharge their cell phone or other battery-driven device.  Running liquid-fueled generators costs more than tapping solar panels.  And selling low-priced access caters to the economic wherewithal of African customers.

Tunisia plans 2 GW CSP plant to power Europe -- Something along this order (Africa supplying Europe with Solar-PV-based electricity) was projected by Tony Seba.

Desertec Power Project  -- 6/26/12:  Money Quote: “Europe could save €30/MWh on renewable electricity generated in the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), if the three regions integrated their power networks, according to a new study published on Thursday.”

August, 2013:  SMA promotes its Diesel-Solar Hybrid for Africa and similar, non-grid markets.  "Five hundred gigawatts of power from diesel gensets provide industrial companies with electricity worldwide," says SMA, so that's a huge liquid-fuel market to displace with solar.