Best Known 10KW Grid-Package and Other Solar Hardware Deals

I have no interest in any company, and am not getting paid by anyone for anything I do here, but simply want to help grow a free market for Solar PV.  To that end, as people send me price and other tips to help others erect arrays, I'm simply going to post them here, and invite feedback on whether such tips are reliable or not.

I'm listing sources to sell 10KW Grid Package systems or smaller, and I'm using "10 KW" because it's a handy conceptual tool.  If I tell you that you can buy a 10KW Grid Package system for $10,000 then you know it's $1/watt.  So if all you want is a 5 KW system then look at 10KW systems sold by the vendors below and cut the price in half, understanding that often smaller systems cost more because you lose the quantity-discount factor.  I like 10KW systems because in many areas they amply cover the entire monthly power usage for an American family of four.

June, 2013:  These online vendors have been confirmed by an installer source as "real" sources for finding solar hardware at a good price (in no particular order): 

                                           Wholesale Solar 
                                          Affordable Solar

For Central Georgians in particular (this company has made me happy):  Mage Solar.  Here's my open letter to them (they were pleased to hear that the system they sold me exceeded their projection).

Other vendors I've heard about:  Solar Electric Distributor.  Also, click here and here.

A Do It Yourself (DIY)-oriented vendor.  For DIY help click here.

Racking Vendors:  1  

Microinverter panels: 1


And let's give a big hello to the Chinese (the following have all contacted me after finding this site on the web): 

July 4, 2012 -- This Chinese supplier contacted me for direct sales -- buy Solar PV panels by the pallet.  Again, I vouch for on one and receive no compensation, direct or indirect, from anyone mentioned on my website.  I'm simply collecting information, you decide what it's worth.  Here's another handy cite for talking to the Chinese.

Other suppliers of things solar and electrical (in no particular order): 12, 3.

Special Note to the Chinese suppliers mentioned above:  There are plenty of good English speaking writers and web-site designers out there.  You should spend a few dollars and hire one of them.  Customers like me lose faith in your ability to sell me a quality product if we see basic usage, diction and grammatical errors on your English language websites.  The thinking is, if you can't be bothered to write clearly and properly, then maybe you also can't be bothered to produce quality solar products.  If you can't find anyone to clean up your site for a few hundred dollars, contact me and I'll help you.  All of us should want the same thing here: A thriving Free Market for Solar Power.  There's no reason why you shouldn't be part of it.