Marketing Tools Listed Have Free And Paid Memberships. It Is Your Choice To Choose What Is Best For You.

Instant Splash
is an incredible tool. Splash pages include your picture for great branding with your advertising
You have the ability to ad pictures, banners, buttons and more.  There is a mini auto-responder available or a click here button.  This is a must use tool for advertising on traffic exchange sites.  I, also, use it for some of my mailing list ads.  Another benefit from Instant Splash is the ability to mail your referrals.  This could prove to be the most valuable part of the program.  As a free member, you can email your referrals once a week.  As an upgraded member, you can email your referrals once a day.  What a great way to promote future programs.  One other benefit is the affiliate program, as an upgraded member for $9.95 a month, you make $5 per month off any referral who also upgrades.  You only need two paid referrals to pay for your upgrade.  The program sells it self.  As people view your splash pages, there is a link to join the program. 
Free members get 5 Free Standard Splash pages.  Upgraded Members get UNLIMITED Premium and Standard Splash Pages.
This is my number one marketing tool.

Ease of use = Very Easy
          Time Needed = Very Quick, 5 minutes per splash page


Instant Banner Creator is another incredible tool.  They have pre-made templates or you can create your ownYou can create banners, buttons, footers, headers and more.  This is a fantastic product and I have gotten great use out of it.  You can create links or html codes to use on your websites or other places. 
Ease of use = Very Easy
          Time Needed = Very Quick, 5 minutes per tool

List Joe is a safe list mailing site.  You are able to mail your business opportunity to thousands of members.  In return, you agree to receive email from the other members.  You receive a number of credits for signing up and then you must open emails to earn more credits.  This gives the members motivation to open the emails and not just send them to junk mail. 
Ease of use = Easy         Time Needed = Good: Your Mailings - Quick, 5-10 minutes set up; Opening Mail - up to you

Click here to build multiple mailing lists for free.

TE Toolbox has a variety of tools which are very valuable to marketers.  You can create splash pages and banners.  You have access to tracking tools, site stats, site rotators and banner rotators.  Plus, you can brand yourself by adding your own pictures to your marketing tools.  This variety of tools makes this a unique marketing tool for you. 
Ease of Use = Easy          Time Needed = Good, there are a lot of tools here. Give yourself time to learn to use them.

Business World List is a safe list mailing site.  As a free member you are able to email 200 prospects every 48 hours.  No need to open email to gain credits.  This is an automatic mailing to 200 prospects for you.  You can click on ads and earn mailing credits which can be used to post an ad on the home page.  This ad is also sent out to members. 
Ease of Use = Easy
          Time Needed = Quick, 5 minutes to send your mailing

Leads, Leads, Leads!

US Free Ads is a classified ad listing site.  Members sign up and opt in for ads which they want to view.  When one of those type ads is posted, they are notified of a new ad.  As a free member, you ad stays live for 30 days. 
Ease of Use = Easy
          Time Needed = Good, Original Set Up Time Then Ads On Autopilot

Free Classifieds

Elite Safe List is a safe list mailing site.  You earn your credits by opening email but they make it worth your while because you earn 140 credits per view.(This credit amount can change)  This means a 140-1 ratio which is fantastic.  You can accumulate quite a few credits by opening a few emails.  As a free member you can mail to the entire membership daily, if you have enough mailing credits.  You can, also, display banners on the members pages by using your mailing credits.  You receive 2000 mailing credits at sign up.
Ease of Use = Easy          Time Needed = Good: Your Mailings 5-10 minutes set up; Opening Mail - up to you.

     As mentioned above, all of these programs offer FREE and Paid membership levels.  When signing up for a program, read the benefits and decide what is best for you personally.  If you think the upgraded level will benefit you more, then do the upgrade as you are signing up initially.  All of these programs will offer you a discounted sign up rate which you will not be able to receive after you have become a free member.  So please, if you are going to upgrade, save yourself money and do it when you first sign up.
     All of these tools have affiliate programs which you can use to earn an extra income.  Again, this is something you need to decide for yourself.  It is not a requirement that you become an affiliate, just an option.  If you want to earn a little extra affiliate income besides your main business, this is a good opportunity for you.
     Please use my live banner links to sign up for the above programs.  I hope these marketing tools help you explode your business to the next level.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 
For more tips and marketing ideas check out:   Catherine D. White.
Best of Luck!

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