Hello everyone, thanks for coming to my Free Market Circle working paper/web page. We're just starting up here. Welcome.

The Free Market Circle is here to promote Americanism and to develop a plan of action in order to do so in this urgent time. It thoroughly rejects Keynsianism, Socialism, and posits that Capitalism and knowledge with regard to the moral and economic justification of a free market economy -aka Capitalism- is a key component in the defense of the consitutionally defined limited government that serves to protect life, liberty and human potential.

America's current crisis and slide into mediocrity and stagnation has alot to do with our current economic understanding and attitudes. It can be called an EDUCATION CRISIS... What to do is not the question that needs to be resolved now, there is enough known about economics already.

HOW do we disseminate the urgent information from East Los Angeles College to campuses on the opposite side of the country so that the students, teachers, professionals, philanthropists and protectors of America can before its too late. Before we are all herded like sheep into the socialist pen by the bureaucratic authoritarians who haven't learned the lessons of history when it comes to the proper role of government.

The questions that should be answered here are
1. What is the Free Market?
2. What's the point of talking about capitalism and socialism right now?

With regard to the first question here I just want to point out that the virtue in Capitalism is not simply that it has facilitated the greatest innovation and progress in medicine, science and technology. It is that it ALLOWS for the civilized exchange of goods and services by the people, for the people. Think about that term, "allows." Under free markets all commerce, commercial activity, economic choices, planning and decisions are done by the people and for the people. It is a far more accomodating economic environment to the bounded rationality principle which is that these decisions are limited by each person's cognitive limitations, finite time, and available information.

Socialism does not solve the question of SCARCITY, yet its language immitates the fundamental rights that free market economy and limited government protect.

(This has been shown long ago! See link to "The 'Fundamental Rights' of Socialist Theory" by Ludwig von Mises)

There's much material that has been overlooked and ignored with regard to economics, and we are paying for it. Its time to serve Marx his eviction notice from America's college campuses. I will post more papers links and materials to achieve this goal. We simply need to show that there is a better alternative. That is our work, our mission...

It is better to have an entrepreneurial spirit than one which just sits back and lets things happen, expecting things to come to them, demanding handouts and feeling like it is owed something by the world and the community rather than the other way around. It is more mature to look around and find your place where you should contribute, analyzing the world and the supply and demand of your times. That is the best way to approach the changes and challenges that come in a world that is constantly changing and reforming if we really want to expand our horizons and reach the stars.

CHRISTOPHER SUFLE, Founder, Director, President/Free Market Circle
I recommend that you read The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism by Kevin Williamson, because the case is closed on that economic system: it does not solve poverty but only produces more. And on top of that it reduces everyone's productive potential by enlargening the size of government and reducing the size of the individual

We're in danger because the U.S.A. is being run by committed socialist ideologues who have deepened America's economic problems and are only going to make it worse because of their economic ignorance, misconceptions and attitudes.

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