About Marian Price: Take Action Today! One letter, one phone call!


Marian Price McGlinchey was the only woman held at Maghaberry prison, Northern Ireland for almost nine months, before being transferred to Hydebank women's prison hospital due to frail health. Maghaberry prison has been experiencing ongoing extreme violence for far too long, without appropriate UN support. UK prison authorities have been working towards widespread prison reform, including Maghaberry. Escalations in violence have occurred even after prison reform policies were established and after UN human rights investigation confirmed human rights violations were continuing. United Nations need to return to Maghaberry prison to restore human rights for staff and prisoners. I am grateful that Marian Price was released from that location. Now I work towards her freedom from Hydebank. She was arrested after attending a political rally. She achieved bail on that charge and was re-arrested on the steps of the courthouse. Only after world wide protests and months of incarceration, was Marian connected with the tragic murders of two young British soldiers.  We believe she is innocent and we campaign for her release.

Marian Price served time in an English prison years ago for her involvement in a bombing that has become infamous. There were no deaths as a direct result of the bombing, but one gentleman died of a heart attack, and even today people blame Marian and her affiliates for his death. She has been called a murderer. She is not. She did hard time as a youth for a crime that she believed was necessary to give voice to the need for political reform to sustain human rights. She paid her debt to Ireland and the world many years ago. After many years of hard time in England, Marian was released on her deathbed and she and her sister were given a Royal pardon of mercy and their freedom. Marian was starving, had fought prison authorities hard in an effort to be transferred to a prison on her home soil, and was suffering infection and a punctured lung due to assault by a physician. She endured extreme torture and she survived. She went on to become a proud voice in Ireland, and a proud mother and wife. She is a woman much loved by Ireland and the world. Marian Price believes in justice and peace.

Please view related news articles, and related links. In some geographic areas, sites campaigning for Marian's release are deposted on a regular basis and names are deleted from petitions. Please encourage others to become active about prison reforms in Ireland, the rest of the UK and your home area.  If you have any information at all about Marian's situation, please contact me. I am also constructing a site on UK prison reform and would welcome any contributions to that effort.

Amnesty International will open a file on Marian Price McGlinchey or Maghaberry prison itself if we can collect specific details from several sources to justify them replacing an existing campaign. They, too, are forced to answer to others and follow strict rules. The faster we collect and present the information the have asked for, the faster we see the release of Marian Price and a return of UN negotiators and security teams to Maghaberry. Prison officials are begging for assistance.