Free Marian Price: How to Use this Site

Free Marian Price

Amnesty International will open a file on Marian Price McGlinchey or Maghaberry prison itself if we can collect specific details from several sources to justify them replacing an existing campaign. They, too, are forced to answer to others and follow strict rules. The faster we collect and present the information they have asked for, the faster we see the release of Marian Price and a return of UN negotiators and security teams to Maghaberry. Prison officials are begging for assistance.

Great ways you can help today :

1. Read articles and share each one or each page. Google chrome has an easy share button you can install and with one click send a page to a hundred different places, including specific gmail addresses, twitter, facebook, and many more. If an article seems wrong in its details, please comment to clarify for all of us.

2. Please read the Amnesty International Ireland's request for specific information and seek any details you can about Marian or conditions for others in Maghaberry and forward them to me,  or this site.  You can use the comments section, or any of the contact methods provided. Gmail might be the most private. I will open a new mail account just for this purpose. Anyone who hacks into details about conditions of prisoners will be reported to Canadian military for terrorist action. Privacy is very important for Marian, and for other mistreated prisoners. If you feel comfortable, please use the comments section. I am reviewing news articles and identifying specific details that Amnesty identified as important to starting an international amnesty campaign. It is important to be very specific when collecting this information. See list of simple but critical suggestions for documentation.  This is the step that is holding up an Amnesty International run campaign. They have t-shirts and movie stars and stuff; we need their help. Their researchers are overworked. Some of you can do this. Some of you can report what you know from memory, without asking anyone any new questions at all. See more on the Amnesty Information page .

3. Visit each petition or action site listed and hit like, and e-sign petitions. Petitions in the UK create fast legal action, and even change laws . They are important.  Please add links to comments section and I will update new additions. Maybe we will lose less sites this way. Please comment as soon as you notice a petition link is not working or a site seems to have deposted.

4. Choose a politician and send an e-mail demanding Marian's release. Copy and paste the model letter and send to anyone on the list provided, or to all. Please add more contact names and e-mail addresses to the comment section and I will add them to the list, and date them so when you check back, you can identify new contacts and send more.

5. Choose a group listed and send them an email or post mail letter demanding that they take action to support Marian and prisoners like her. You may copy and paste the model letter provided. Feel free to change any details of the model letters on this site to suit your personal choice and situation.   Again, add any suggestions about groups to contact to the comments section and I will update daily.

6. Make a phone call and express your concerns about Marian's situation and her health.  Some contact phone numbers are provided and some suggestions for stuff to emphasize. Please add phone numbers to comments section. I am in Canada, so looking up phone numbers in the UK and providing them in the comments section would be greatly appreciated.

7. Encourage anyone visiting Maghaberry to speak as openly as possible about Marian while they are there, even if they are visiting others. The more prison staff here her name and realize that the campaign for her human rights and health are global, the more likley she is to be treated well while she is there.

8. Contact new papers and other outlets to request that they do their job by covering more on Marian, the campaign for her release, UK prison reform, and Maghaberry itelf. BBC recently did an historical pieceon Maghaberry, other papers and television and radio stations should be doing the same. Some news contacts are provided, please add more. If your  meet with success in your dialogue with newspapers please let us know.

9. Create a new graphic of some kind and share it.  New websites are welcome, more facebook pages, a poster, a sign, a banner, a t-shirt.

10. Contact some people in your area and schedule a public event to bring attention to Marian's situation. Use your voices, your signs andyour banners and send us a picture of your event. Even if there are very few of you, your efforts are appreciated. It would be wonderful for her, upon her release to know that she had supporters in many countries. Send a video clip, if anyone tapes it. We want Marian to know how important her situation has been world wide. I'm sure I'm not the only non-UK citizen who wept for her situation. If I can motivate a rally in Ontario,Canada,  I will do so and leave details of how I managed that for others to try. I don't know many folks where I live, and my health is critically poor, but maybe some phone calls and e-mails will result in a rally in Ontario. Will keep you posted.

11.  If anyone has letters, video clips or speeches of Marian, please forward them to me for publication on this site.  Many people world wide would love to hear Marian's voice and know a little of her personal ideas. I saw photos online of public speeches. Maybe family or friends can provide us with a friendly letter. 

Thank you to everyone who works so hard for  human rights. You work for all of us when you support one whose human rights have been violated.

Please view related news articles, and related links when you have time.  In some geographic areas, sites campaigning for Marian's release are deposted on a regular basis and names are deleted from petitions. Please encourage others to become active about prison reforms in Ireland, the rest of the UK and your home area.  

I am also constructing a site on UK prison reform in general and would welcome any contributions to that effort.