Do I Need Drip?

Got drought?  Got water restrictions?  In most Texas cities, drip is exempt from water restrictions.   This means that if if you have drip in your flower beds or yard, you may water at any time you want to, regardless of your current city restrictions.  While your neighbors are limited to watering once or twice a week, your drip system may run on any day you have your controller programmed.  By converting just your flower beds from sprays to drip, expensive landscaping can be maintained and looking beautiful throughout the entire summer.  All at the same time: the foundation of your home is protected, your lawn looks great, and your neighbors have something to admire.

Everyone can benefit from drip.  Drip is efficient.  Drip is cost effective.  Drip is sustainable.  Drip is environmentally friendly.

First things first: a drip system is very different from a soaker hose.  While a soaker hose can be effective at slow continuous watering with minimal loss due to evaporation, the materials used are very different from drip.  A proper drip system will last years, and allows worry-free watering while you save money.  
Instead of water oozing out of a soaker hose, water is effectively "dripped" out of specialized emitters.  Emitters come in different shapes and sizes and it important to use the correct style of emitter for the landscape being watered: function, in this case, dictates form.  

Run off and evaporation are the two greatest sources of waste and excess water usage when dealing with a standard spraying sprinkler system.  Our hard packed, clay soil in Texas needs time for water to absorb fully.

Remember! Drip allows for the conservation of water, which saves money both short term and long term.