World Care

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      Nows day we know about ours world is very hot from global warm system . Also from teachnology that growing very fast from the citizen in the world . I cannot help much for this world . But I am the person who is really really care about natural and river also animal in ours world . We can do together only one tree for one person after you back from work . It can be help to keep ours breath fresh and healthy . Also help to protect animal and human .
      We have 12 kinds of birds at home in our home town that I really love them and also other animals . I can observe that my house is near river and we have a lot of trees and those help to keep temperature in normal . And we have nature vegetable that we can find with out growing . In the evening I see very nice sunset and in the morning I heared the birds telling the time .
     from this problem of the world make economy and price of product changing very fast . Also what important is food . We not be able to grow food in next few years after no trees keep temperature because right now Thailand have temperature 40 -42 degree celcious that normal trees can't grow .
      From this problem is make people must use chemical to protect vegetable and trees . that becomes cancer and poison . Also make food products becomes very expensive . That normal people can't stay . or event grow vegetable from those temperature .
      I would invite every one to grow one trees at home or as much as you can . And in the future I believe that ours world be becomes back normal and we will stay not too hot or not too cold .
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